Tuesday, 21 July 2015

so, blogs

I don't read many. I don't write mine much. I used to. I used to really like writing it and I flicked back through it the other day looking for something and I got stuck following links around Duff Cooper and some old earls, and I wondered why I didn't do this any more.

The answer is time, obviously. Is it a problem all the bloggers have, now they are older, childier, successfuller, etc? Probably. And the young bloggers are on twitter. And so are the old bloggers, obviously. I didn't even write down where I heard the thing which said that we don't blog about a thing any more, we just link to it, and those are different things. I liked blogs because I got a sense of personality from them that I guess you do get from tweets, and I like twitter, but... Whatever. I don't know. I haven't killed this blog, as you can see, and I don't intend to, but it's getting to be a historical artefact.

Doom doom doom. This time Seattle is going to fall into a crack.

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slepkane said...

There's definitely something to be said for upgrading your a link to a fullblog post. I last did this - with your blog in mind - linking to the work of Coyle and Sharpe, simply because I enjoyed their stuff so much I wanted to drum up more attention to it than a simple tweet. Also I wanted to record for myself that here I had been introduced to - and become excited by - what I was linking to. In meatspace terms, of course, it's simply politer to introduce a topic properly and personally, providing a space for comments. It's all a bit... virtuous of course; I've been sitting on a David Icke link now for nearly a month because I thought it was worth a blog - but the whole attraction of the piece is just so self-explanatory I've very little to add... Maybe I just haven't thought enough - That's what's good about blogging links, it persuades you to think about what you like, rather than just casting your vote for what you think everyone should be doing with their internet.