Monday, 13 January 2014

i'm a lover, not a fighter

, but I kind of hate this person, who is fictional I can only assume and whose timetable is used by Apple to demonstrate their calendar function:
How visible is it? In case the answer is 'not very', let me help. The purple stuff is work, at first glance. There's a weekly staff meeting and training plans to prepare. There is also, on Monday, the weekly meeting of the Omega Project, so we can probably assume this is the Apple Computer of a nuclear spy or other supervillain. Also in purple is a PTA meeting, so the supervillain is also maybe a supermom (I am being sexist, but overall I am pretty sure this is a woman's calendar and if you don't agree with me, that's fine) who regards school as work and she also finds time at the weekend for both a Community Service Event at St Mary's and the Neighbourhood Council.

Red is for the kids or kid. Adam has footie practise and a rugby game and there is also Sunday bowling at the Biltmore Lanes. This seem quite an American destination for someone who has a rugby game scheduled. Maybe Adam plays for some American pee wee rugby team, of which there basically are none, or maybe rugby was shoehorned in by a lazy advertising team.

Blue is for 'me time' and that means a spinning class, marathon training, pilates, yoga, a garage sale, breakfast with mom, and lunch on Saturday with Pablo.

I hadn't really examined the calendar in detail until I started typing out this email. I feel more strongly than I did when I had merely glanced at it.

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