Thursday, 20 June 2013

the king of prussia and the bad bankers

It's like the title of a children's story.

No. It's just that A) I heard there's a place in America called King of Prussia, named after a pub.

And B) I just wanted to register that I couldn't agree more with the banking commission that jailing a few bankers would be a good idea. As I've said before, this is not because I want revenge and show trials, but because they committed crimes.

I get that they are complicated crimes, and very hard to prosecute, and bankers are rich and will try anything to stay out of jail, but that's the point. They will have to try everything, and even if they don't go to jail, people will think they are guilty. Because a chunk of them are. And they will rat each other out if they're scared, which will help.

They are scared of what other people will think, and when I say people, I mean their friends. I know, because I am one of some of their friends. For the record, I bet the bankers I know haven't committed crimes. They are not bad people but some of them don't get that they and their colleagues done wrong things, and that some of these things will have been over the line.

Believe me, this is one of the few cases where jail, or just the serious, credible threat of jail, will have a deterrent effect, like jail is supposed to. It absolutely would.

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Jenny Davidson said...

I had a phone conv recently with my mother, who lives in Philadelphia, about how she was traumatized by not being able to find a suitable dress to wear to a wedding at the famed King of Prussia Mall!

I agree with you re: bankers. I am not one to fume over injustice, but as all this MF Global stuff was in the news, the contrast between those guys all walking away unscathed and the fact that IF YOU ARE A POOR PERSON WHO GETS ARRESTED THREE TIMES FOR MINOR MARIJUANA POSSESSION you could end up spending the rest of your life in grimmest possible jail - it just makes me want to weep. If they're not going to jail the bankers, they gotta let out the folks who made some bad choices re: a law that few find rational!