Monday, 25 February 2013

clearing tabs

1. I want to go here.

2. I think the most compulsive reading experience of my life was Ender's Game, when I was about fifteen. Orson Scott Card seems like an arsehole, annoyingly. I kind of worried about that when I read Seventh Son, which was also utterly compelling, but a bit, you know, religious in a slightly odd way.

3. I agree. I am a fan of Adam Roberts.

4. This documentary looks incredibly interesting. (Tangentially, I watched Searching for Sugar Man last night. I feel quite proprietorial towards it, because I have always known about Rodriguez, because I'm from southern Africa, and it's true - every white liberal family out there had his albums. The movie is brilliant.)


Tom Kerwin said...

Agreed – Ender's Game was super compelling, but later books in the Ender series really lost the plot. I don't recall detecting the arsehole streak at the time, but maybe it was there all along.

I'll check out Adam Roberts. In terms of interesting science fiction, have you read Anathem by Neal Stephenson? On finishing the book a friend said, "my brain is now the wrong shape for my skull."

Robert Hudson said...

I absolutely love Neal S. I thought the last quarter of Anathem was not as amazingly good as the first 3/4, but it was still very good.

Rachel said...

Never mind Zip World, you should do this!