Thursday, 24 January 2013

Video can't kill me because I am not a radio star

I will, however, be on Radio York on Friday 8th, the day after The Dazzle is launched, at two in the afternoon, for an hour, live. An hour! This is a thrilling nightmare for all concerned, and I am looking forward to it. In preparation, I have to provide Radio York with four favourite pieces of music (stressful, since I want to be a) truthful and b) appear cool, eclectic and accessible (all of which I am, but which four pieces of music express that perfectly?)); and also with six little-known facts about myself.

Hmm. There are more than six little-known facts about myself but I don't think Radio York can possibly mean those ones. What they are requesting, perfectly reasonably, is a list of 'Six things our skilful presenter can somehow talk about for an hour in case it turns out that your publicist is a big fat liar and you are some kind of monosyllabic dugong.'

You might think that I won't be at my best the day after my launch. Well, the day after the last one, I ran halfway across Twickenham to be in time to interview one of the brightest and most impressive men I have ever met for two hours. This will be a doddle.

What are the best pictures of story arcs you have ever seen? Are they better than these? (Via Slate's Political Gabfest.)

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