Thursday, 3 January 2013

silicon populist

Another long read today. Jaron Lanier is a sort of digital guru. He's not as Ur-geeky as ESR* but he's proper and this is a piece about him as the old school conscience of Web 2.0 (typing that makes me feel old, but it is a reasonably accurate description). He's maybe a bit too pat, because if you're a guru you end up with a schtick, but he's very interesting:

I think it’s the reason why the rise of networking has coincided with the loss of the middle class, instead of an expansion in general wealth, which is what should happen. But if you say we’re creating the information economy, except that we’re making information free, then what we’re saying is we’re destroying the economy.

* This is a reference for maybe one reader of this blog to enjoy. Maybe none. But if you want to read about Wiccans and the tea party, go here. Beware though. ESR can be a rabbit hole.


Ellis Sareen said...

I match your ESR and raise you an RMS.

Robert Hudson said...

You would.