Wednesday, 30 January 2013

My new house

I have written a book set in Scarborough. Logically, using logic, the most logical place I should live, is therefore Scarborough-on-Hudson. This house looks very nice, and can be had for about the same as a 3-bedroom flat in West Hampstead, so maybe I'll move there when I can afford one of those. What else is interesting about S-on-H? Well, it's near a lot of the old Long Island estates owned by Vanderbilts, and it's also next to Sleepy Hollow Rd. Woooo.

Yes, yes, I have seen the long Boing Boing article on giant squids.

The following advert, from a series Camel did featuring fishermen, including Zane Grey as referenced in my tediously-frequently-referenced book. (See more clearly here.)

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Doyle Hunt said...

I really like your motto- though I'm not sure if maybe I am one of those people because the world does not seem all that straightforward to me sometimes! The house looks absolutely beautiful- it's only the outside of course so it's hard to judge, but the setting is gorgeous and that huge old tree right there is perfect.

Doyle Hunt @ Real East Van