Thursday, 31 January 2013


Obviously, publication is supposed to be this incredibly thrilling moment, and so on. But I sort of still have next Thursday in my head, because that was the original date, and it only got switched to today three days ago because I was on - am still on thanks to iPlayer - Open Book and obviously it was sensible for The Dazzle to be available.

But I am having a party next Thursday. And I have Tall Tales tonight, which I am absolutely not prepared for. And I am, because of the general way writers work, by now right in the middle of another massive thing. So it is hard to be focused.

BUT The Dazzle was published today, officially, and I'm very proud of it, and it took me years, and it has a fantastic cover. I advise you to buy it from a small bookshop, if you can, and from Amazon, if you can't. It does me good on Amazon if people buy it and review it there, loads of good, but obviously they are a terrible bunch of tax-dodging rogues.


katetf said...

What about Kindle? Does it do you good if I buy it on Kindle?

Robert Hudson said...

It does my kindle rank good. I think. And it will mean you can read the book, even in Abroad, so...