Thursday, 29 November 2012

truly great

I am not talking about Warhorses of Letters, that is not for me to say. I will say that I absolutely loved this promo. I hope you liked it.

V. busy. Here is some other stuff:

1. About ten years ago, as I have written here before, Charles Spencer gave four stars to a 'truly great' production of Shakespeare's 'masterpiece' Midsummer Night's Dream. Here is Kim Newman in Empire giving four stars to, 'A truly great documentary'. I think it is perfectly possible that the stars were an editorial decision made over the reviewers heads, but however these things get into papers, they get their via idiots.

(The documentary, by the way, is Hoop Dreams, and it's worth five of anyone's stars.)

2. I strongly urge you to read Warren Buffett on tax. It is hard to read this and then take seriously the weasel excuses from self-interested people not wanting to pay more.

3. Ditto Michael White's piece on Leveson in the Guardian on the transparent self-interest of newspapers who think everyone should be independently regulated apart from them. It is forensic (via @drearyagent).

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