Wednesday, 21 November 2012

newts of letters

In news of news:

1. Tall Tales is next Thursday at The Good Ship. It's got Benet Brandreth, Toby Davies, John Finnemore, Kate Ferguson, Susannah Pearse, Marie Phillips and Mike Westcott. Please email if you want to come.

2. Before that, though, Warhorses of Letters is back on Radio 4 next Wednesday at 11pm with Stephen Fry, Daniel Rigby and Tamsin Greig. Either make a date or be a square, as the expression goes. It is a horse expression. As the BBC says, 'Their letters speak eloquently of love, loss, jealousy and nuts.'

In news of closing tabs:

1. This is very good - it's about how the age of the password is, basically, over, but we don't realise it yet. It seems plausible at least on the level that, well, when you think about all the passwords you need to remember, it does seem like a system which is straining at every seam.

2. My feelings on War with the Newts are well-known. (Seriously, read it.) So: Wow.

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