Friday, 2 November 2012

big local landmarks

This picture is obviously pointing to something important, right?

You decide (I know it's a bad picture, but seriously this is what the sign is pointing at):

Following links on Wikipedia news:

1. Touch the Truck only happened on Channel 5 once. The winner lasted over 80 hours. The winner, Jerry Middleton, sold the truck to fund the formation of a political party which got 54 votes out of 49,000 in the Kingston & Surbiton constituency in 2001. Other contestants started speaking in their native Kosovan and hallucinating that the truck was an ocean liner.

2. Have now watched the second House of Cards. Gosh, it's good. Preferred it to first series, I think. Partly because the main actress, Kitty Aldridge, is really good (Ian Richardson and Michael Kitchen, obviously, are brilliant, and I really enjoy Colin Jeavons). 'Why has she not done a billion other things?', I wondered. Too busy being married to Mark Knofler and being a successful novelist is the answer.

Netflix is making a US version. I am looking forward to it. (Netflix is also making more Arrested Development. Go, go Netflix, I say.) IMDB currently has the lists as follows: Sakina Jaffrey - Linda Vasquez; Michael Kelly - Doug Stamper; Gilbert Soto - Hispanic Congressman and so on. The precis reads: Francis Urquhart is Chief Whip. He has his hands on every secret in politics - and is willing to betray them all to become Prime Minister. I think not.

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