Wednesday, 7 November 2012

A couple of weeks ago I watched It Always Rains on Sundayat the BFI. I had never heard of it.

It's brilliant. Not I had never heard of this film and it's much better than you'd imagine of a film you'd never heard of but actually, properly brilliant. It's a slice-of-life. My favourite character has huge furry gloves, and is played by a guy who went on to present Pinky and Perky.

It stars Googie Withers. When I looked her up on Wikipedia, I vaguely feared the kind of wildly colourful and troubled story I got from Margaret Rutherford and Sterling Hayden. But actually Googie Withers had what seems to have been a lovely life with John McCullum, who is one of her co-stars in this film, and who she married shortly afterward. He was an Australian who later wrote, directed and produced Skippy the Bush Kangaroo. She spoke Urdu and her mother was called Zitette, unlike mine. In 2004, Coronation St used the line 'Googie Withers would turn in her grave,' and Granada had to apologise because she was not dead. I say 'had to' but Googie sounds like the kind of class act who didn't give a stuff whether Granada apologised or not. She died in 2011 in Sydney. McCullum died a year earlier.

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