Wednesday, 24 October 2012

a 2-d hotel and other important maths problems


The famous maths hotel is the Hotel Infinity, which you can use to explain how there can be larger and smaller infinities. This picture of a 2-D hotel somewhere on the A41 just south of Finchley looks like it should be part of a similar paradox-slash-conundrum (or Doctor Who episode). It even has an appropriate name.

Tangentially, am I the only person who, whenever they see this picture, thinks: It took me a while to work out why he was doing this, but I am not going to beat myself up over it because it isn't an 'M'. It isn't. It's an infinity symbol really.


Miss Pear said...

All I can think of when I see the 'Mobot' is that bloody awful Fast Food Rockers* song - it looks like he's doing the sign for McDonalds.

*Produced by Mike Stock, one of the SAW triumverate, as no-one will be surprised to read.

John Finnemore said...

It's interesting that your brain is not prepared to cut the shape off at the elbows, but is perfectly happy to do so at the shoulders. Why not 'a column with two ragged circles at the top?' Or 'a man with his hands on his head?'

Robert Hudson said...

Because my brain is perfectly happy to cut the shape off at the shoulders, but is not prepared to do so at the elbows, AND IT'S MY BRAIN.

slepkane said...

It's fun to stay at the Y∞ç∆!