Monday, 3 September 2012

woah! sharks!

This is one of the many inflatable sharks to which (whom) I have access. Isn't he a cheery fellow? He certainly doesn't look dangerous.

Oh, but what is this!


Were I better and more diligent photo essayist, I would have pictured all the many dangers the shark features. Of course you can see that the above warnings would barely be enough to call a shark at least even slightly dangerous, and I was at least diligent enough to photograph the rest of them.

Something to note. When you are blowing up your shark, you must be careful to do it to 100%. And then +1. 

Another thing to note is that the shark provides NO PROTECTION AGAINST DROWNING. I am absolutely certain that this is not true.

Anyway, I had a great holiday. I read some books. I'll tell you about them in the next few days. I cannot believe I had never read any Jane Smiley. I started with Moo and it was a crackerjack.

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Holly said...

Excellent shadow photography.