Monday, 17 September 2012

hey, is everything changing round here?

Nope. At some point in the next few months they will, and everything will look tidier and spiffier, but I am in the middle of [insert many things here].

The big change you are probably noticing is that tiny picture on the right, which echoes the bigger one above. Yes, yes, you can finally pre-order my second novel. I would do so if I were you. I really like the cover. One title that was deemed by everyone, including me, to be too glib, is Fish and Superfish. It was a process similar in structure to that whereby The Great Gatsby was not named Gold-hatted Gatsby. We will not go into the dissimilarities.

Do you remember I was going to write about what I read on my holidays? Well, I haven't got round to that yet, as you may have noticed. Since then, though, inspired by having loved Jane Smiley's Moo I have read her Horse Heaven, which appears to be out of print in the UK, and which appears to have a terrible UK cover. I have seldom read a book which was more my cup of tea. I absolutely loved it. This week, my favourite character in all fiction is a horse called Justa Bob.



Holly said...

That is a splendid cover.

Miss Jones said...

Ooh! Beautiful cover!

Simon Kane said...

Excellent! Excellent! Excellent!