Wednesday, 26 September 2012

closing tabs

So much good stuff. In no particular order:

1. I know you think I go on about The Dazzle all the time, but somehow, inexplicably, I didn't know about the VIntage book covers blog which talked about it a while ago. I have now also spent a happy period looking at other designs by the brilliant Kolchoz. My favourite book cover currently on site is this one:

2. At dinner the other night, I was told about the univocal poetry of Luke Wright (not the England cricketer). Meek begins:

Seven PM,
we’re here – Stepney
pre-weekend beers
extended sesh
meek Drew meets gentle Beth
he resembles Dexter Fletcher
her eyes gelled green
she’s Renne Zellweger meets Betty Spencer
svelte yet sexless...
3.  JK Rowling gets a lot of stick. 'Why so much attention?', etc. Every time I read an interview with her, I think: I like her and what she is up to. For example.

4. Fun Slate story by Dave McKenna about cheating at chess.

5. Amazing true cancer story, also via Slate, this time David Plotz discussing it on the Political Gabfest.

6. Steve Sabol died last week. Most of you don't know who he is. He was the genius - absolutely the right word - behind NFL films. He invented the way American football is watched and, frankly, understood. He was a brilliant humaniser and storyteller. It's not an easy job to turn armoured men into real characters, but he found ways to do it. He was also, from everything you hear, an brilliant boss and a totally honourable human being. I have posted this clip regularly, but you might have missed it or not clicked on it. Seriously, watch it. If you have watched it before, watch it again.

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