Friday, 21 September 2012

babushka, by one russian doll, out of another russian doll, and so on

Why am I still going on about this novel, in spite of the horrible UK cover? On page one, two of the characters introduced are, Epic Steam, by Land of Magic, out of Pure Money, by Mr Prospector and Bay colt, by Lake of the Woods, out of Wayward, by Independence. Oh boy!

People who get this might want to know that next Thursday is the live try-out for Warhorses of Letters, series 2, episode 4 - WATERLOO. It's at Tall Tales, at The Good Ship in Kilburn. If you want to come, please email talltalesnight at gmail dot com. Also appearing are Benet Brandreth, Toby Davies, Gareth Edwards, John Finnemore, Amy Shindler and Tim Sutton. I bet I've forgotten someone.

As for the rest of Horse Heaven, I absolutely loved it. One possible reason it might have appealed to me so strongly is that it's not a book for horse fans in the same way as The Kilburn Social Club is not a book for football fans. Some people will never get past the fact of horses in one case and football in the other, and that's fine, but every book has to have a setting and these are dramatic ones that are revelatory of their wider cultures. I am saying, in saying this, nothing about the relative qualities of the books.

The US cover is much nicer, but the book seems to be out of print in the US because the world is a crazy place.

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