Wednesday, 4 July 2012

the high-bouncing lover in the gold hat

Ok, housekeeping:

1. The above is from a Russian edition of The Hobbit. Isn't it smashing? There are more.

2. Probably you already read Letters of Note every day. If you missed the editorial comments on The Great Gatsby, they're here and brilliant. I love the worries over title:

The only other titles that seem to fit it are Trimalchio and On the Road to West Egg. I had two others Gold-hatted Gatsby and The High-bouncing Lover but they seemed too light. *

3. (Via Marbury) This article about how a 100m year-old coastline marks the line of agricultural land which was tended by slave labour and still votes democrat is extremely good. And what kind of a world is it when Marbury is pointing me at 'Deep Sea News'?

4. I watched Your Sister's Sister last night. I have just read six reviews, all front-line ones. Not a single one of them said that it was an extremely unusual and recognisable portrayal of the sibling relationship (in fact, none of the reviews mentioned that it's about the sibling relationship as much as it's about anything). It's not perfect, but I really enjoyed it. Maybe the reviewers are all only children?

* Abandoned titles for The Dazzle include Battles With Sea Monsters, Fish and Superfish and Tunny Fever.

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Holly said...

1. It is smashing.
He must have known all about the whole 'eagle on lion on rolls royce on pointiest peak of highest mountain' thing. Clearly that's was the eagle was doing *just* before it decided to swoop down -