Monday, 18 June 2012

Not updating all that regularly, sorry. I am deep in the dark forests of my last serious rewrite of the tuna book. Few more days, I keep saying. Few more days. It is, and I find this incredible because I was really pleased with it before this rewrite, this has been the hardest piece of work I have ever done. Anyway, I hope you'll like it, having said which:

1. Above is the latest photo from my slow quest to catalogue the results of the strange 'O' drought that afflicted the Scrabble-style-street-sign-makers of North West London at some point in The Past (I'm afraid I can't be more precise). This is a particularly good one because we have a bonus absence of blanks.

2. Brian Phillips at Grantland is smashing, as I've said before. How do you like these apples?:

The current England manager, Roy Hodgson, may be the least postmodern person in existence. He's modest and practical, the sort of coach whose teams are always called "hard to beat" in a way that's only slightly patronizing. The FA's decision to hire him, when almost everyone expected the job to go to self-created media figment Harry Redknapp, was maybe its most canny bit of expectations-tamping since 1966. Hodgson is unimpeachable, but not the sort of manager you'd ever see winning a World Cup, while Redknapp is a quicksilver con artist who'd send hopes sky-high and then, I don't know, sell the whole country to Denmark or something.

3. We all know how much I love Paul Cornell's refusal to let his friends off the hook for downloading his work for free. There's another super essay on the theme that I expect will get similar exposure over the years. It's about music, it's measured, quite long and absolutely worth your time. I particularly like the bit about a generation who will pay huge corporations for hardware and web access but refuse to pay artists for their work. It's the opposite of sticking it to the man.

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