Wednesday, 23 May 2012

holy dolphins, major general, it's friday night lights!

Day of the Dolphin (the book rather than the film, as previously discussed) is a proper, interesting, witty Cold War satire in which the US military industrial complex gets a critical lead over the Russians by teaching dolphins to speak English. There are lots of lovely bits, but I think my favourites are the letters from Yugoslavian philosopher Marco Llepovic to a doctor friend of his in Sarajevo.*

I thought of the book when I saw this, obviously.

Have you read a genuinely excellent recap of the 2011/12 Premier League season done to rhythm of I Am the Very Model of a Modern Major General?

Parody fans who find the next quote funny, and who know there's going to be a new Friday Night Lights movie, well, here's the rest of it.

BOB STOOPS knocks on door, kidnaps JULIE TAYLOR. Meanwhile, DILLON ABORTIONIST and DILLON REVEREND both knock on door at same time. TAMI TAYLOR solves everything while also solving the Big East and looking like a million bucks. A BIG OLE TORNADO knocks on door.
TAMI: Y'all, I'm in the middle of tryin' to fix dinner for m' husband in a haunted house on AMC after a long day of work, and I do not have time for this, y'all.

 * In a nutshell, Llepovic is distressed that this great advance (and the dolphins give a very funny press conference wherein they discuss film stars) is interpreted as a sign of manifest destiny AND a symbol of the unique financial power that underpinned it AND is immediately seen by the public as a military rather than a cultural achievement.

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