Monday, 28 May 2012


The thing is, while someone has to work out how to make us pay for it (it's the infrastructure, stupid), I just massively prefer the internet to any newspaper I have ever read. This morning (I am really really busy and should have turned off my router) I have been falling over myself to read fantastic things.

1. This Christian ob/gyn gives an interview on why he performs abortions. It is measured, clear, honourable and persuasive.

2. We've all thought that Disney, etc., tell very troublesome stories about princesses and princes. Been there done that? Well, I've not seen it done as well, or with as many slants and angles, as this piece on Fifty Shades of Grey.*

3. Someone asked my co-writer Marie Phillips 'Why are you so self absorbed?' Her reply is brilliant.

4. Marina Keegan, age 22, got a job as an editorial assistant on the New Yorker before she was killed in a one car motor accident on Saturday. She must have something, you'll be thinking. Yup. This will resonate with a lot of people's student experiences, I guess, but it does so in a way that looks wider and resonates more than almost every expression of the same sentiment does or would. The really good writers do that, and she did it when she'd hardly got going.

* These first two via Anna Clark. Hence: welcome to the blogroll.

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