Tuesday, 17 April 2012

matters arising some bad pictures

 Maybe I will start taking pictures of the television screen all the time now. I've often thought of it. Anyway, I had never heard of this programme, which you presumably have since it's a prime time detective on ITV. But my first question was not:

B: 'a sexily dressed woman with a green head'? That is intriguing.

It was:

A: 'Scott & Bailey'? This has to be a sort of pun on motte and bailey castles, right? But it's only a very sort of pun. What's the thing? Are they maverick archaeologists? Is this a murder series set in a Time Team-style series? In fact, now I write that, it seems incredibly plausible. I'm going to check.

===wibbly-wobbly lines indicating time-shift===

Oh, Scotland Yard and Old Bailey, say some 'rumours', unconfirmed by the author. Maybe. It would make the pun better. And it would be the sort of satisfying thing that didn't impact on anyone who didn't notice it, which is the right sort of pun or reference.

But, disappointingly, they are policewomen, not maverick archaeologists: 'Rachel is impulsive and free-thinking, whereas Janet is subtle and wise.'

In holiday news, I saw this in a town in Devon mainly notable for all the sculptures of sheep: 

You might not be able to read the faint writing. It says, next to the picture of the mounted fish head being auctioned: NOTHING FISHY ABOUT THIS FIRM!

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