Tuesday, 6 March 2012

very short inspiring photo essay: home improvements

I was walking down Tottenham Ct Rd the other day, and I passed a shop called Dwell:

Annoyingly, you can't see from my bad photography that those balloon dog affairs cost £50. The horrible skulls are less. I'm not sure how much. That's a bit much for novelty crap. I walked on. The next window saw:

Those are silver pigs diving into the carpet. I'm not sure how much they cost, but no price is too high not to have these in your house unless you're a moron. Still, however, I had not thought: Inspiring Photo Essay.

But the next window saw this, and that was that for me:

You might be distracted by the skulls again, but don't be! Look under the skulls. This is an occasional table for an occasion which you want to express your massive hatred for in as creepy a way as you can find.

(Actually, on checking, this is a STOOL. You are supposed to sit on it, and it only costs £179.)

Next up:

These are probably the least nasty things in the shop. Think about that. I saw something in the distance and went into the shop. While I was taking a picture, an assistant asked if I was interested in anything. I did not give a hollow laugh, but you know what I mean.

(Life-size velvet whippet: £89.)

Best for last, as is the way of these things, and there is nothing my poor camera can do to get close to the violent awfulness of this item:

Also available in black or white, and a snip at £199.

Oh. A bonus feature is this poodle from the website, which I didn't see in-store, maybe because they sold out so far:


an_ordinary_person said...

Walked by Dwell yesterday. Think there must have been an increase in people blogging about the pink poodles - there were 3 in the window.

Hogard said...

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