Monday, 26 March 2012

delivered by mermaid

You should already have seen these batty Belgian stamps from off of Emma's blog over on the right, but just in case...

I don't know which one I like most. The winged snake is called an amphiptere, and they're a thing from European heraldry. In spite of my expertise as a herald, I hadn't heard of it. I had heard of the sphinx, which did not, conventionally, have the body of a leopard.

Anyway, everyone should see these, so I am doing my bit.


Rodafowa said...

Hasn't that dragon got two legs not four? Doesn't that make it a wyvern?

Why yes, I AM a Dungeons & Dragons player, however did you guess?

Robert Hudson said...

Good work! I never really played D&D, but I loved reading Gary Gygax's crazy manuals. Just like I love reading about fish but have never enjoyed fishing.

I will say, in defence of the Belgian postal service who shouldn't be defended after both this and Sphinxgate, but I bet there are some sloppy thinking cryptozoologists who would say that wyverns are a subset of dragons. I am not sure I'd agree, but I bet they are out there.