Saturday, 18 February 2012

these are not just techno-thrillers

Kilburn Hall (see below) does not just write dolphin books. He writes other sequels. Lots of indie authors undersell themselves, but KH is selling books for people who 'don’t give a crap about price. They want QUALITY!' As his blog explains (I have copied and pasted):

I’m not an Indie Author. I’m an author, and I’m not selling books.
I’m selling Kilburn Hall books.

No one else can do that! When you purchase a Kilburn Hall book, you’re getting the quality of writer’s like James Hilton, Trevanian, Vera Caspary, Robert Merle, Tony Hillerman, Robert Heinlein and my mentor, MIchael Criichton who invented the “techno-thriller genre.” All my books are written in the tradition of these outstanding authors.

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