Thursday, 16 February 2012

best. tag. line. ever.

If you listen to Slate's podcasts, you will see where I get some of my quickies, but this is also from the Political Gabfest.

The film is about scientists training dolphins to speak, and then the dolphins are kidnapped, and the baddies plan is to attach a limpet mine to the President's yacht. It got Oscar nominations for score and sound. It was going to be directed by the ever-colourful Roman Polanski, but his wife was murdered. It was based on a French novel which satirised the Cold War.

Wikipedia describes the detective figure as "an undercover government agent for hire" which sounds dodgy.


simon said...

Yay! As I read - can't remember where - it's the "Unwittingly" that makes it.

Robert Hudson said...

Yes! (That was Kate F.)