Tuesday, 4 October 2011

i don't know what to say

Quite a few people said they were waiting breathlessly for my views on the Amanda Knox acquittal. In a nutshell is a nut. But my opinion is simply the obvious one that, since I tediously often have said I think she is innocent, it's great news. Also, such is the Italian legal system in general and the quagmirish bit of it she got mixed up in in particular, I don't blame her for a second for catching the first plane she could.

If you want to know why I think this, then you must be brand new to the blog. In that case, read The Monster of Florence or, at a pinch, my previous posts with that tag. If you have read the book and you still think she might be guilty, I'd genuinely love you to get in touch. It's not happened yet, so I'd be extremely interested.

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Salvador said...

Ha! I guess the appeal judge must have followed your impassioned j'accuses and read "THE MONSTER OF FLORENCE". I read the author's piece in The Guardian by the way (managing to swallow my fury at their previous reporting of what the prosecution had actually said during the appeal) and found it very compelling in its demonstration of what a dubious arsehole the prosecutor was/is (something quite obvious anyway in the Amanda Knox case) The prosecutor being a dubious arsehole who makes up nonsense about Satanic sex-devils doesn't make anybody INNOCENT of course but luckily the compromised DNA "evidence" and Rudy Guede's ludicrous "defence" saw to that.