Monday, 3 October 2011

advertising standards

Forever? Really, forever?

The other one I enjoyed recently was a new twist on restaurants' general victimisation of extremely youthful foods: 'Baby cod'. Er? Do you mean 'very small piece of cod?' I am almost certain that 'baby cod' are something which High F-W would specifically enjoin us not to eat.

For record, baby cods, as things looking unlike adult cods, are fry. Cod start looking a bit coddy after a few months, and are, broadly, six inches long after a year and 10 inches long after two. They are properly mature another year or so down the line at 20 inches. I think it would be pretty hard to call a coddy cod a 'baby' one with any degree of biological confidence. But even if you wanted to stretch to 'less than a year' you are feeding people things the size of sardines. Is that what 'baby cod' is in restaurants. Maybe. I didn't get any. Please tell me if they are. But it seems unlikely. It seems more likely that we just like eating babies. Somewhere in our vile souls, we think they are more delicious. And, interestingly, the more farmers' market the environment, the more baby killy it seems to be.

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