Thursday, 15 September 2011

whither the antiwhale

Charles Fourier lived from 1772 and 1837, and according to Wikipedia, 'some of Fourier's social and moral views, held to be radical in his lifetime, have become main currents in modern society.' Among the ones which have not are that, as the world became more harmonised:

a Northern Crown* would encricle the Pole, shedding a gentle dew; the sea would become lemonade; six new moons would replace the old solitary sattelite; and new species would emerge, better suited to Harmony: an antilion, a docile and more serviceable beast; an antiwhale, which could be harnessed to ships; an antibear; antibugs; and antirats. We would live to be one hundred and forty-four years old, of which one hundred and twenty years would be spent in the unrestricted pursuit of sexual love.

Yes, I am back on The Worldly Philosophers.

* I am not clear on the nature of this 'Northern Crown'. I bet Fourier wasn't either.

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