Wednesday, 14 September 2011

see me live! see a cartoon rabbit give birth!

Where I tricked you was that the two things are unconnected.

Ian Leslie, who is great which you should already know if you slavishly follow my links, has written about how he doesn't like calling events he does 'gigs'. I second that.

Tall Tales is a comedy night featuring various, including Helen Arney, Emma Beddington, Benet Brandreth, Toby Davies, Gareth Edwards, John Finnemore, Laurence Howarth, Hannah Jones, Susannah Pearse, Mike Westcott and me, and it takes place in Kilburn every two months. Do come. Less regularly, it takes place at festivals like Lewisham's, where it is taking place this Friday. You'll be there if you know what's good for you because Ellis Sareen will be reprising the role of Ernest Hemingway.

And, while I'm housekeeping, you will notice if you follow the Tall Tales link above, or this link, that Listen & Often's rolling upgrade now includes a super banner design from this guy, of which more of which kind of thing will follow. The second Listen & Often podcast, which is a Tall Tales spin-off and called L&O because someone had, is on the site, or on iTunes. Subscribe to it and, only if you like it, rate it. If you give it a bad rating, we have designed a thing you won't understand that will gnaw out the insides of your computer like it's one of those baby wasps that eats the caterpillar its mother laid eggs in.

The third L&O podcast will be available in the next week or so. Toby Davies and I are going to have a conference about setting a specific date for the monthly release. The conference will take ages. It is possible that we decide to make it more frequent. We'd like to, but it takes a certain amount of time to do, even for me, and I don't do the production side.

The rabbit birth scene is in the cartoon above. It's a Polish cartoon about a mole called Krtek, which I was put onto by Scott Pack, the host of Bookswap, an event I am sometimes lucky enough to co-host with him or Marie Phillips, when one of them can't make it because they're at a gig (Scott) or making a Hollywood movie (Marie). It's really quite something.

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