Saturday, 10 September 2011


In the endless battle to have my favourite name in the NFL, a new contestant:

The Texans signed Mister Alexander, a rookie from Florida State, to the practice squad after waiving him. His parents named him Mister so if anyone shortened his name to MR, it would mean "Mentally Ready".

'Mark Robert' would have been more likely to be shortened to 'MR'. Though people usually use your surname so he would probably be 'MA'. In which case, they could have told him they called him Mark so that if anyone shortened his name, they were shortening it to 'Mentally Alert.'

If they wanted him to think his name was some kind of analogue for 'Mentally Ready', and seeing as though they were prepared to call the kid Mister Alexander, I think they should have called him 'Mentally Ready Alexander'. Though that would have made him sound like a character in a children's book. I could understand their choice if they made it because they liked the name 'Mister' or even if they 'thought it would be funny'.

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