Tuesday, 19 July 2011

press standards

1. I have finished my novel.

2. On Tuesday 4th September, 1934, The Daily Mail reported that a Glasgow newspaper was reporting that Nessie was a German airship which fell into the loch during WW1 based on a story in a Danish paper which quoted the British Air Force Gazette, which didn't exist.

3. This was the same day that Sir Henry Wood announced his famous Klenovsky hoax. In case you've forgotten it, Wood got annoyed whenever he did an orchestration and was told he'd spoilt the original, so he invented a tragic Russian called Paul Klenovsky and put his name to the orchestrations, which were hugely admired. Good work, Sir Henry Wood.

(Incidentally, that year he separated from his wife Muriel and she took all his stuff and wouldn't divorce him. He started seeing Jessie Linton (who sang professionally as Jessie Goldsack). Apparently (Wikipedia alert), "She changed him. He had been badly dressed, awful clothes. Jessie got him a new evening suit, instead of the mouldy green one, and he flourished yellow gloves and a cigar ... he became human." Wood was not free to remarry, so JL changed her name by deed poll to "Lady Jessie Wood" and was generally assumed by the public to be Wood's wife. Fair play.)

4. As a treat for 1., I started watching How To Train Your Dragon, or whatever it's called. The accent decision they have made seems to be grown-up vikings: Scottish; sulky teen vikings: American. Well, it's a system.


Jenny Davidson said...

Congrats on #1!

Holly said...

Gosh. You're having a good week.

I am reading these in reverse order (so to speak). I am now Full Of Expectation for Monday's post...