Friday, 8 July 2011

I went to sea to see the world, but what did I see?

I saw Kilburn.

Really? Yes, really. If you go to Kilburn Park Tube Station, you are more or less opposite this pretty extraordinary building, decrepit and down at heel, but Grade II listed:

It's the Tin Tabernacle, one of Britain's few tin churches. Why not more? But what was that you said about the sea? That doesn't seem relevant? Well:

Yes indeed, because this is TS (Training Ship) Bicester, home of the Willesden and St Marylebone Sea Cadets. This is the picture of the inside:

The home page for the W and St M Sea Cadets is jazzier-looking than the Tin Tabernacle, and a lot more maritime. I really like the building, and love that it's a Training Ship.

Incidentally, next door is the RSPCA's Kilburn Clinic, which was set up as a memorial to the animals that died serving in the Great War. Local colour.

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