Saturday, 9 July 2011

for goodness sake, bbc

You might not read the transfer gossip page on the BBC, which is sort of surreal otherworld culled from the backpages of newspapers who can print any old nonsense without checking it ('Paper X says Machester City have agreed a £23m deal for Samir Nasri ... But Paper Y says the Gunners set to make Nasri their highest paid player at £110,000 per week ... But Paper Z...' and so on). This is in today's:

Manchester City have been accused of scoring an embarrassing own goal after inadvertantly 'honouring' rivals Manchester United by renaming Eastlands the Etihad Stadium. Fans on social networking site Twitter claimed the Arabic word 'Etihad' means 'United' in English.
Full story: Metro

Yes, yes, you're repeating something you heard from soemone else reporting something some guy on Twitter, but SURELY someone, either at Metro or the BBC, can check what Etihad means? And if someone at Metro DID check, then SURELY the BBC can pass on the fruits of their labour. I mean, in two seconds I learned that the CEO of Etihad stressed that this Etihad means 'Union'. Thus, the story is about some misguided idiots on Twitter. That's fine, but just us give that small piece of information or we waste (some of us waste) the amount of time necessary to write or read (sorry) the above.

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