Monday, 13 June 2011

why are people so horrible?

People online are free to be vile. We all know it and we can all work out why - it's not rocket science. We tend to throw our hands in the air and wonder what you have to say to get censored on the Guardian's Comment is Free pages, given just how nasty lots of the stuff up there is. I don't have any answers, but we should find some. It's been going on long enough, and we don't have to kowtow to these anonymous arseholes any more.

Here's a great piece at The Australian
. This is one of the thing journalism does really well - personalises a political issue and makes it much harder to dismiss as theory. Nina Funnell was sexually assaulted in 2007:

And why would that story, first told in a Sydney newspaper, prompt one website to run a public discussion, inviting guests to assess how “rape-able” she is? And why did one man read of her trauma and feel compelled to announce to the world: “what a conceited bitch for thinking she is even worthy of being raped. The guy just probably wanted to give her a good bashing in which case job well done.”

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