Thursday, 9 June 2011


1. I think they're a bad idea. There they are, freezing a bit of a changing person forever. On the other hand, something similar-but-different can be said about us uploading things onto Facebook and so on. The web doesn't go away. If you write something dim, the chances are increasingly likely that people will always be able to see it somehow. Are millions of us tattooing ourselves?

2. I wrote this bit of incisive social criticism so I could post a picture of John Carew, whose recent tattoo I suddenly realised that a lot of my non-sporting friends might have missed. Because of a bad tattooist, or because John can't spell, it reads, 'ma vie, mes régles' (my life, my menstruation) instead of 'ma vie, mes règles'.*

While we're on it, the one of these tattoos I can't help finding sweet is Fernando Torres's one on his left arm, which reads 'Fernando' in Tengwar, one of Tolkien's elvish scripts. Stupid, but sweet.

* I got this all wrong on first posting, irony of ironies. I am terrible at languages.


Anonymous said...

A) Stop posting things that make me start to like Fernando Torres again.

B) For those of us who are really, really terrible at languages (or did German at school), what it's supposed to say? I'm taking a punt on 'my life, my rules', only because my brain reads it as 'my life, my ruler'.

Robert Hudson said...

A) What's not to like? He was brilliant for Liverpool for a while and then they sold him for a fortune to Chelsea, where he's been terrible. I'll start disliking him if he gets brilliant again.

B) Yup.

Anonymous said...

Fernando got stroppy, which annoyed me, and he stopped being pretty when he stopped being blonde.

I never said I wasn't shallow.

peteraj said...

Actually, he stopped being pretty and any good at football when he had a haircut.