Wednesday, 1 June 2011


1. I think this bit of the BBC's round-up of today's newspapers is unfortunately phrased:

In its front page story, the Daily Mail reveals that a prisoner has used the Human Rights Act to become a father, even though he's still locked up.

It says his demand that his partner be artificially inseminated was approved by Justice Secretary Kenneth Clarke.

I'm pretty sure you can't just demand that, even if you are lucky enough to be a prisoner.

2. Sportocrats (I): badminton's bosses have withdrawn their (bad) new rule insisting that women wear skirts because it makes them look prettier. (For more on this rule, see previous post.)

3. Sportocrats (II): obviously this is no surprise to anyone, given the current state of FIFA, but the openly homophobic Vlatko Markovic is STILL head of the Croatian FA.

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Miss Pear said...

Maybe the rule should be that Clarke has to be the one doing the insemination. ...I think I'm going to be sick. Apologies.

Did you get the photo of the namesake fish, by the way? I probably mucked up sending it...