Tuesday, 28 June 2011

horrible reviews

How did I find the following reviews for the Royal Hotel, a strip club in Whitby, Ontario? Well, it isn't the only Royal Hotel in a Whitby. In a gruesome way, I found them funny, but not funny enough to link to the whole site.

It just gets worse and worse here. I have been visiting Royal Hotel intermittently for several years, and the place seems to lose energy on a weekly basis. I've even gotten to know some of the dancers somewhat well, and the place still drives me nuts. I expecially (sic) dislike the mirrors over the VIP area that give the bouncers full view of everything. Yikes! The girls all seem to want to hustle right back there (as I suppose you would expect...), but the dances are mechanical at best with no extra mileage. The past couple of visits I ended up just going across the street for a beer at the normal non-strip-club bar and grille.

I love the wistfulness. He clearly wants the place to meet its potential. He's trying to help.

While I was in the Whitby area visiting family relatives, I decided to try this little SC. First thing I noticed was the VIP area...

This is what I do when I am visiting family relatives in Little Hallingbury.

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