Wednesday, 29 June 2011

The BBC rumbles on about Amanda Knox and Meredith Kircher. Every time it does, I feel sick. I bet the journalists writing about it haven't read Douglas Preston's book The Monster of Florence, about an earlier Italian murder investigated by the same conspiracy obsessed police idiot who locked up Knox and bamboozled her into a confession. To repeat, I don't know anyone who has read the book, the guiding principle of which is Occam's Razor, who has emerged with any doubt that Knox is innocent. Read this for more.

Again to repeat, if you have read the book and have continued doubts, then I would be extremely interested to hear them. If you have doubts simply because you have read things in newspapers based on things that came from the Italian police, then I am not interested to hear them. I mean this. People keep quoting newspaper reports which have the same factual validity as 'no smoke without fire'. It's a horror show.

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