Tuesday, 17 May 2011

what are the six fastest birds on earth?

You probably don't think ducks are that fast, but they are. Of the ten fastest birds (in level flight) six are ducks and another is the spur-wing goose, which is not quite a goose and not quite a duck, but it's part of the same shooting match. The chap on the right is a red breasted merganser, which is in there at number four. He doesn't look it, does he?

Anyway, someone asked Yahoo! Answers, 'What are the six fastest birds on earth?' which is an interesting enough question, though I'm not sure why the asker picked 'six'. The best answer, as chosen by voters, was this:

The fastest flying birds are: 1. Peregrine Falcon (90 to 200 mph.) 2. Spine- Tailed Swift ( 90 to 100 mph.) 3. Mallard Duck (65 mph.) 4.Harpy Eagle ( 35 to 50 mph.) 5. Pigeon ( 55 mph.) 6. Humming Bird (15 to 25 mph.
Fastest running birds: 1. Ostrich ( 45 mph.) 2. Road runner (15 mph.) There are only 2 fastest birds on land.
Hope this helps! :D
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It's hard to know what my favourite bit of this is. The fast birds list's implication that all the other species of bird, from red breasted merganser to heron, are slower than a humming bird? The information's 'Source'? They're both good, but I think the prize goes to the statement that 'There are only 2 fastest birds on land.'

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