Wednesday, 11 May 2011

un. inspired.

Who goes into cartooning? I don't know any cartoonists, as it happens. I am loving this website. The cartoonist has gone into it for all the right reasons - ie money - and he is a genius. Unlike most comedians (so called) he has not written bad jokes for people with no money. He has focused on 'Humor that Works' and he has trademarked this phrase to prove it. If you are a business, you need guys like this to keep your underlings happy and to explain the need for change. Here is a cartoon (that works) on the theme of change.

As you can see, I am not allowed to reproduce this without permission. You might presume that I have therefore got permission.

I wonder if, since I am basically reviewing a publication, I am allowed to reproduce a small thing from what I am reviewing as fair use. I bet I am. My review of Grantland's cartoons is that Grantland's self-image is that these are 'Good, Safe, Proven' and that his use of cheesy business language to describe cartoons is the funniest thing on his site.

Someone else's review: 'GRANTLAND is to business comic strips what Walt Disney was to animation.'

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