Monday, 9 May 2011

sexy mermaids and viking seals

Periodically, at Tall Tales, I talk about an erotic fiction novelist who writes about mermaids and elves (Is That a Snorkel in Your Pocket?; The National Elf Service). Basically, there is no subject that someone hasn't at some point turned into a romance genre. Imagine my joy, therefore, when the brilliant Light Reading pointed out Sandra Hill's saucy books about US Navy SEALS getting transported back to the time of the Vikings. For real. (For real the books exist. Not for real about the Vikings.)

I am now considering a viking/seal/mermaid/SEAL crossover book. Maybe it's a step too far. Dark Viking's Amazon description runs as follows:

After a sea operation gone wrong, Navy SEAL Rita Sawyer awakens to find herself still clad in her wetsuit and in a cage with a bunch of Vikings staring at her, including one very tempting warlord.

Steven of Norstead has been in a cold, dark mood for many weeks. But perhaps this unusual woman, with her sharp tongue and irksome ways, could be the one to light his fire.

Oh boy. Here is Sandra Hill's own description. It literally mentions mermaids. I can't say I'm not a bit tempted:

Rita, a former stunt woman, can't believe she signed up to be a female Navy SEAL. She needed the signup money to pay her mother's medical bills.
Easiest money on the planet. All you have to be able to do is balance a ball on your nose and clap every time someone throws you a fish.
Steven, a fierce Viking warrior is depressed over the "death" of his brother Thorfinn. Yep, even Vikings get the blues.
1. He's a fierce viking, not one of the gentle ones. 2. His brother is clearly not dead. Does he not understand quotation marks? 3. Poor old vikings.
Rita can't believe she's been tossed back in time to the tenth century wearing a head-to-toe wetsuit and flippers with her face cammied up.
That's the bit about being tossed back to the tenth century that I wouldn't be able to believe either.
Steven can't believe the gods have sent him a fish woman to ease his woes. Not a beautiful mermaid, but an ugly-as-death fish.
Not even a pretty fish. Or an ugly mermaid.
How dare the brute put her in a cage!
Though, given the nature of this book, I bet she learns a valuable lesson about how much she secretly likes brutes.
How dare the wench teach his people line dancing!
Yes! He's supposed to have the blues!
Love and laughter guaranteed in this trip down Memory Lane...uh Fjord.
I laughed at this line. I think that, if I read crazy erotic fiction, that this would be the crazy erotic fiction I would read.
NOTE: This book was previously titled EVEN VIKINGS GET THE BLUES.
Oh yes! I thought the plot seemed familiar!


Jenny Davidson said...

We might have to start a book club and read these books!!!

Sarang said...

1. Said book club would of course be a SEAL club.

2. Re memory fjords: it is a little surprising how many Ford vehicles can be turned into Fjord vehicles. (a Viking, esp., would be a Fjord corsair).

I'm sorry, all my comments have been like this for a week.

Robert Hudson said...

I have never been interested at the idea of being in a book club until now. I now really am interested, a bit. The travel expenses might be hairy.