Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Wagner's Frankenstein

It will surprise some people to know that a) there are plenty of people who have done crazier things with the Frankenstein story than Susannah Pearse and b) I myself am not finished with the Frankenstein story. It will not surprise anyone to learn that I have not tired of recursive science fiction - quick biogs of characters who appear in sci fi stories about sci fi. It takes a long time before I tire of things. From the Fs...

Falconer, Stuart, "Fugue and Variations"

The frame is the story of a librarian who is working with notes and books from his grandfather's private library. There is a world in which Mozart did not die in 1791, but rather in 1825. Near the end of his life, he visited the Shelleys in Switzerland and told them a "ghost" story that served as the basis for Mary's novel. However, his attempted collaboration with Percy Bysshe Shelley on an opera Prometheus comes to naught and only notes and sketches are left. These serve as the beginnings of Richard Wagner's opera Frankenstein, written between 1871-74, and first performed in 1879. It is not often performed because the soprano must take the triple roles of Mary Shelley, another Englishwoman, and the bride of the monster.

Not worked out what next Tall Tales story will be about. Have not ruled out something based on recursive sci fi in the way I once wrote one based on Everything's Ducky. Maybe this one:

Finlay, Charles Coleman, "A Game of Chicken"

Edward Bango, editor/publisher of a science fiction magazine is invited to Griffin Farm to view some biological and/or genetically engineered products. The specific items are paper produced from bison feces and ink from chicken urine. The developer wants him to print an issue of the magazine using these products to gain acceptance. Ed decides that he does not want to do this.

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