Friday, 22 April 2011

the egyptians discovered scotland

I didn't know this, but apparently Mohammed Al-Fayed was taught it at school, leading us inexorably to tomorrow when I go to spend the week of the Royal Wedding on his highland estate in a fit of rather pointed pique at not having been invited to the party at the palace (I was invited to the formal lunch, but I wasn't part of the inner circle, so nuts to them I say).

Other things you can learn from Al-Fayed's website is that no one knows where kilts came from, but maybe it was from the Egyptians.* The source for the Egyptian arrival is a fifteenth century text called the Scotchichronicon. This sounds like a joke. I don't have time to research it because I haven't packed yet.

Al-Fayed has a tartan, as per picture.

Normal service will be resumed in May.

* Interestingly, Wikipedia's kilt page doesn't mention the likely (or at the very least highly possible) origin of kilts in the romanticisation of the highlands in 19th century England. That's celtic nationalists for you.


peteraj said...

If the Egyptians found Scotland why diddn't they take it home with them?

Lisa Taylor said...

Just to say not sure why took me so long to get to your blog after enjoying various Tall Tales.
Am having fun reading retrospectively. Should cover some ground today as is very slow day at mice community, otherwise known as 'work place'.