Tuesday, 12 April 2011

angry birds

You may have played the ubermegahit game Angry Birds. I, as it happens, have not, but I did watch a demo video so I'd know what everyone was banging on about. If you want to find out too, you can here.

Why bother? Well, if you don't, you won't find this funny, and it's really funny. Someone mentioned it on Twitter. Can't remember who. The first of the letters from the front lines reads:
Dearest Martha,

It has been some time since I've had the opportunity to write you, perhaps seven or eight levels. The green pigs have fortified their defenses and there seems to be no end to this madness. They are an industrious lot who have remarkable construction skills in spite of their lack of arms or legs. They're a formidable enemy but I still envision the day we can bring our eggs home safely.

Keep the nest warm for me,

Yellow Bird
I love 'perhaps seven or eight levels'.

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