Tuesday, 15 March 2011

people crazy

Specifically, the people who design Schuh's shoe return policy. Every few years I can't resist a pair of new shoes, because I like to look pretty. Three people in Schuh, and two pamphlets with my shoes, said that they have a brilliant returns policy: if I return them within a year, unused, they'll refund or exchange them. Do some people really take shoes home, dither over whether to put them on for a year and then return them unused? It seems unlikely.


notinterested said...

Women's shoes have often been ridiculous/beautiful/OTT/wantonly desirable... To whit, your example and this very creepy example - Real Horse Hoof Shoes and Boots, literally showing at Cheltenham this week. My opinion on your example and these - pleurgh! http://www.guardian.co.uk/sport/2011/mar/15/cheltenham-style-hoof-boots

peteraj said...

I do have a pair of converse basketball boots that my sons bought me because I told them I had my originals stolen in the
70s - oddly enough I used them to play basketball in. It took months to find a suitable occasion on which to wear my present ones as I'm an old fogey basically.