Friday, 18 March 2011


Everyone loves penguins (when you meet someone who doesn't love penguins, keep a bloody wide berth). Last night I went to the Royal Opera House for less than it costs to go to the cinema in Swiss Cottage and I saw three short ballets (I am not big on ballet, unless it's brilliant ballet, but I really love penguins). See below.

The main thing, though, was that I made some excellent pasties to eat, and despite the filling being in pasty, in tin foil, in two bags, the whole of my section of audience smelt of pasty until we'd eaten our pasties during the first interval. I spent a lot of the first ballet, which was, indeed, brilliant, being a bit ashamed.

The ROH, which I had never been to because I am so nekulturny, is amazing. The bar really does look like it's floating in the sky. And the tea was reasonable and the delicious cake was cheap. And, like I said, the ticket was cheaper than the cinema.

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