Tuesday, 22 March 2011

penguins and sexy mermaids

Pretty pictures today, basically.

First, via @sambaintv, there's this collection of black and white photos. It says they're unexplained, although I think I might have a dart at some of them. Not antler boy. Really not sure what's going on with him.

I'm only posting this one because we all like penguins.

They come from a bigger blog. The link's on the page. The next lot are via I am not sure which sci fi fan, but they are magic. The first pair is for any reader of this blog who who loves puns. You know who you are.

The next is for anyone who likes sexy mermaids, which, as with penguins, is all of us. You will remember from previous posts that this must be, although the picture is rather unclear on the matter, a melusine. The picture is generally unclear on biological matters. Otherwise, it's magic. Oh, wait. Looking at it again makes me see that the merhorse is being ridden sidesaddle. Well, I call that a swizz. There should be more melusines.

But the original collector of these pictures think this is the best, in terms of intriguingness and the rest. I agree.


edge_of_infinity said...

Antler Boy was a lonely creature. His only friend Colin the Crow flew off in the winter to lead a life of sin and debauchery at the hands of Madam de Biers. He spent his days reading an incredably useful book about how best to defend yourself against the impending Elf invasion and posing for photos for a few pennies. That was until Antler Boy saved enough to spend a summer by the sea. There he met Lola the Mermaid. They spent their time together working out where best to place the antlers and the tail. And they lived happily ever after because they both liked penguins, though neither could eat a whole one.

I really should be in bed.

Miss Jones said...

This is a massively joy-bringing post.