Friday, 11 March 2011

my granny, the thief

Actually, not my granny. This is from Brewer's Rogues, Villains and Eccentrics, by William Donaldson. It is typical:
Bunty McSkimming (1921-) embezzler. A former Sunday school teacher, McSkimming took up crime at the age of 76, later offering the explanation that 'my cooker was on its last legs'. In 1998 she became secretary of the Glasgow Tree Lovers' Society. With hindsight, the society's chairman, Colonel Archie Carstairs was able to say that the appointment had been a mistake, and that Miss McSkimming's habit of smoking cigars had aroused the suspicions of a senior member, Mrs Pugh.
The Society had £80,000. McSkimming took the lot. 'Her explanation that she had been investing in children's charities was not accepted.'

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