Thursday, 3 February 2011

who's the wardaddy?

Slate's Hang Up and Listen podcast was discussing the peculiar sports analysis lexicon. I'd never heard of a wardaddy before - a player who leads through toughness/violence/intimidation/example/whatever. They explained that it wasn't a huge term in discussing sports, but coaches - and some coaches in particular - use it a lot. Coaches love players who are going to be setting an example. (We will not get into the wisdom of this particular kind of example, especially with the current seismic and slow-moving shift in attitudes to concussion.) They talked about some guy making tackles while covered in blood, and I thought that Terry Butcher was probably one. Martin Johnson must be the ultimate British sporting wardaddy.

(Sarang commented on yesterday's Widowmaker post. I recommend clicking on his biog. It is probably the perfect biog for a reader of this blog.)

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